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2021 Executive Board

Us at Michigan Beta are proud to announce our 2020-2021 e-board.

President: Luke Tornell

My name is Luke Tornell and I am a Junior studying supply chain management in the Broad College of Business. As the President of Michigan Beta it is my honor and privilege to represent a great brotherhood comprised of my closest friends. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help our chapter grow in its success and look forward to facilitating positive change for the future of MI Beta.

Vice-President: Noah Schautz

I’m Noah Schautz and I am a sophomore studying Business. I hold the position of Vice President in MI Beta. My goal for this year is to help my fellow brothers to continue the growth of the chapter and raise it to be the best it can possibly be.

Secretary: Andrew Capua

Hello, my name is Andrew Capua. I am currently a junior majoring in Political Theory Constitutional Democracy, and I am the new chapter secretary. It is truly an honor to serve the Michigan Beta chapter by keeping the chapter organized, and I am looking forward to improving upon the success of this chapter.

Treasurer: Alex Reyther

My name is Alex Reyther and I’m a Junir studying finance. I ran for treasurer because I wanted a way to contribute to the chapter and I am going to use this position as a way to gain experience for my future career.

Recruitment: Mark Pillitteri

My name is Mark Pillitteri and I am a Junior studying Finance . Being elected recruitment chair is very important to me and has been one of my longtime goals after joining this chapter. It is my privilege to be tasked with helping this chapter grow into something we can all be proud of, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. I am excited to get to work and to see how I personally can grow this chapter, as well as every brother in it.

Phikeia Educator: Ryan Ghise

My name is Ryan Ghise and I am Junior studying construction management.I am honored to be in the position of Phikeia educator here at Michigan Beta. I am dedicated to empowering each brother to become the greatest version of himself. I look forward to the year and hope to build on the success of my predecessors.

Social: Torrey Schwartz

Hi my name is Torrey Schwartz I am a junior studying Finance. I am ecstatic to be taking on the role of social chair of Phi Delta Theta MI Beta and looking forward to helping every member become the greatest versions of themselves

Philanthropy: Arton Riza

My name is Arton Riza and I am a senior studying business management. I’m excited to be the new philanthropy chair for the Phi Delta Theta MI Beta Chapter. I look forward to planning events that assist LiveLikeLou in helping families with ALS.

Risk Management: Cole Syzmanksi

My name is Cole Syzmanski and I’m a sophomore studying journalism. As the risk management of Michigan Beta I am thrilled to represent and look after a great brotherhood. I look forward to ensuring everyone is being safe and respectable at MI Beta to make sure the future stays bright for us.

Warden: Billy Brophy

Hi, I’m Billy Brophy and I’m a senior studying Human Resources and Labor Relations. I’ve wanted to hold a position on eboard since my Phikeia semester, and I’m excited to serve as Warden. I hope to represent the teachings of the bond fairly and to continue the successful growth of our chapter.


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