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Phi's abroad for Spring Break

Most college students chose to go to South Florida or the Bahamas to get their kicks in for Spring Break but a handful of Phi’s had a great opportunity to travel to Barcelona through Michigan State Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Alex Hazard, Wes Peters and Alex Childers were the lucky few to be lucky enough to be accepted to this overseas program. Some of the interesting things they were able to see: Roman ruins underneath the modern city, watch a “football” match between two local teams and visit the Picasso museum. “Best part of the trip was the Gaudi art like park güell, Sagrada Família, and other architecture pieces he did,” Wes Peters ‘22. This was just a glimpse of what they got to experience while overseas.

“The highlight of the trip was attending the F.C. Barcelona soccer game. I am so enthralled with professional soccer so being at that game and seeing one of the best players of all time was very surreal.,” Alex Childers ‘21 said. The boys were able to go experience some nightlife the city has to offer as well. “My favorite part about visiting Spain was learning about cultural differences from our local tour guide. Spain has a feminine culture focused on relationships that directly affect how their work environment functions. It was interesting to see different challenges with regards to leadership based upon a cultural setting.,” Alex Hazard ‘21.

We are really proud of our boys for getting the opportunity to explore and experience everything Barcelona has to offer.

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