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Casino Royale recap

This past Friday we hosted our first annual Casino Royale.

We’re proud to announce that we raised over $10,000 to go towards the Live Like Lou foundation. We’re proud of our donors and our brothers that made this happen. Especially our Philanthropy chair, Tyler Korber. Who worked for the past 3 months to ensure that brothers and guests had a wonderful time.

Our sponsors helped us out a ton, we’d like to give a special thanks to: Atwater Brewery, JWT 1 Property Management, Preferred Appraisal Co., Spartan Automotive, The Hill Seafood and Chophouse Grosse Pointe and Kulman Chiropractic.

“I’m really proud of my committee who helped me put this on, I couldn’t do it all by myself,” Korber said. “We had very high hopes trying to raise $10,000 but we were happily surprised when we accomplished our goal.”

Even after the event, Korber had his mind towards next year.

“It will be bigger and better than this years. Now that we know what we’re doing and have it down we can turn it up a notch next year.”

The night was filled with emphatic cheers of victory and long sorrows of defeat coming from every table. The only thing that made this night even more special was the MSU’s easy win over LSU.

We’d again like to thank all of our sponsors and donors that helped make this happen!

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